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WALKABOUT HULL & DECK WAX is a evolutionary new fiberglass wax/finish. Just wipe it on - period. No buffing - no rubbing - no polishing. Besides being the easiest wax to apply the WALKABOUT shine will last up to a year or more even in the tropics. Bring back the shine instantly with WALKABOUT HULL & DECK WAX. Protect your fiberglass investment. Since 1991, Walkabout has been giving old gel-coat new life and shine.DECK SAMPLES

almost anything plastic or painted

WALKABOUT HULL & DECK WAX was developed in Colorado in 1990. After extensive testing in the harsh Colorado sun, a fiberglass wax finish was formulated to withstand the UV rays that breakdown the clear gel-coat that gives fiberglass its factory shine.

We then tested WALKABOUT HULL & DECK WAX in the Caribbean aboard the 37 foot 1981 sailboat "WALKABOUT". Success was achieved in every test.

WALKABOUT out performed every product tested for shine, durability, ease of application, and price. It's like nothing you have ever tried before!

Prices as of 1/1/97:

$29.95 quart SPECIAL Internet price $24.95 shipping included in USA

$19.95 pint - SPECIAL Internet price $15.95 shipping included in USA


Dealer inquires welcome.


We have started publishing excerpts from the ships log
documenting the four year voyage of "WALKABOUT", the sailing vessel.
She, and we, endured two hurricanes, many storms, mutiny, a beaching, a sinking,
GREAT FUN, and lots of memories. I also have a good deal of pictures that will
appear from time to time.

Watch our log and let us know if you enjoy it!

Thank you,

The crew of WALKABOUT

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