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This is the page running the Ships log. We started with the purchase of "Destiny", the test boat for Walkabout Wax and the vessel used to get ready for our great adventure on the high seas with WALKABOUT the 37ft. ketch. Please read the log of past pages.

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Although this space is for the WALKABOUT ships log, I felt those of you that may one day decide to pack it in and go sailing might like to know how it all started. I won't belabor the early days too much - well - just a little.

"Mother, mother ocean
I have heard your call
Wanted to sail upon your waters
since I was three feet tall
You've seen it all!
You've seen it all!"

Jimmy Buffett - "A PIRATE LOOKS AT 40"

Anyone that is close to forty, (+ or -), and has heard this song will know exactly what it means.

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February 1991

The coming of winter heightened the excitement of the Miami Boat Show. We were really going to go and shop for boats! Besides, how bad can a trip to Miami in the middle of winter be?

We drove out to Miami Beach Marine and met with Robert, our yacht broker, to get our tickets to the show and a briefing of the events and layout. We were in total awe at the vast selection of sailboats at the marina This show is so large it has to be held in three separate locations to accommodate the numbers of manufactures and venders.

I would recommend this show to anyone serious about getting into boating or just looking for a good way to spend a couple of days in the warm weather in Miami. More then you think you will ever need or want to know about boats and boating is there. Plan on at least two days. If you ever go offshore you will wish you had paid more attention in some of the seminars.

This may sound strange but the salt air smell of the ocean and the fresh aroma of a new boat gently rocking in the slip will transform even the most docile nerd type into a Captain Hook. Have you ever seen the movie "Captain Ron"?

We looked at almost every sailboat they had to offer and some of them more then once, but, alas most new ones were out of my price range and I did not want to compromise and get into something smaller then the 35 to 40 foot range I had decided would meet my needs.

I had located a 1980 Irwin in a port north of Miami that I had asked Robert to set an appointment to see her. It was a center cockpit with a cutter rig and in great shape. The owner was meticulous in her upkeep and it showed. You can tell when someone loves their boat and, unfortunately for me, it was reflected in the price also. The one thing I was certain of now was that for the features and price I wanted a 37 foot Irwin, center cockpit, with a ketch rig, period.

I left Miami without buying a boat but my knowledge of boats was greatly enhanced and I was determined more then ever that I wanted to do this.

Continued next week!

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