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"If you are a “high roller” with deep pockets or a “whale”, as the casinos fondly call you, then this book is not for you" ..............  "This book is designed for the recreational player that wants to play for fun and would like to win on a regular basis, to pay for your trips to the casino, and build some valuable casino “comp” time."

Full color graphics are included and a detailed explanation of the Championship Tournament winning betting strategy. 

"I was the winner of the Craps Championship at one of the largest locals’ casinos in Las Vegas using the strategy I show you in this book. This strategy was so effective that rules were established to prevent me from using it in future tournament play." - Alan Long

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Hi Alan, I just wanted to let you know that we have made our trip to Vegas and as promised I was touching base with you to let you know how my findings went. I have to say first I was a bit nervous, but we had such fun and much to my husbands insecurities and doubts, we did great! We more than doubled our gambling money and I was playing with your advise. I had such a blast and met some really great people, the dealers did give me a funny look when I would call off my bets at first but then they got it.  Thank you so much!  All I can say is my husband no longer gives me a hard time about my "obsession" and we cant wait to go back. I have to tell you too we did have more luck at the $3.00 tables which we found downtown and we had far more table time with smaller buyins. We will definitely be using the same strategies in the future.
Thanks again,

Dear sir:

Craps for Low Rollers is the easiest read of any book on the subject I have found.  Your language is clear and direct.  Although aimed at the novice, it provides valuable information for the seasoned player as well.  The table illustrations helped to vividly see the point you are describing as well as providing an illustrated guide to follow while watching other players.  I especially like the presentation from the “…how to win at craps” perspective, not just how to play the game.   Though Las Vegas gaming staffers were helpful at the tables, they DO work for the house, as you point out.  I prefer to bet my pocket on the proven systems you outline in the book, win or lose!



Golden, CO



BY-THE-BOOK:                                                     5

Let’s look at the normal way craps is played and why most players lose over the long run. Let me state again: this book is not intended to teach anyone how to play-by the-book. I will give you some basics of by-the-book play but only so you know what’s going on and what the other players are doing. You might even want to try some of these wagers for yourself to add to your own winning strategy. I want to make a point here that the majority of bets are sucker bets and your goal is to be a smart winner, not a dumb sucker loser.

Before you begin play make sure you know what the minimum table betting limits are. All of the examples in this lesson are based on minimum bets without Odds. (Odds: An additional bet made on a Pass or Don't Pass bet after a point has been established. This bet can be removed at any time.) Common minimum table limits are $3, $5, $10, and $25. Watch the table action and trend the table before making a bet. Get a feel for how the dice are rolling and get a mind set for your play. This is very important and I cannot stress it enough! Always, ALWAYS, observe the table action and trend before jumping in!

Come Out Roll: The first roll of the dice after a point is made or change of shooter. Establishes the Point.

I tried the proper method of playing and betting craps and had a great time. The following plays are just brief examples of playing by the book. Remember, I am not going to get into all of the details. If I tried to get into every detail of the game this book would be close to a thousand pages and most of it would be worthless anyway.

This is the most popular area of play on a craps table and where you will be spending most of your time. It consists of the “Pass Line” and the “Point Numbers” box.











I will discuss the other areas as we go along but for now this is where you need to concentrate.  




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